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Our Change Management articles show you how to overcome common barriers, and work with people to implement new initiatives successfully. The Project Improvement and Review articles explain how to analyze your project's progress, so you can continuously improve. No matter what your role, it's likely that you will have to manage, or play an active role in, a project at some point during your career. When you know how to juggle multiple tasks, people, deadlines, and responsibilities, you will strengthen your reputation and improve your promotion prospects.

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Take time to learn about the various project management frameworks to run a successful project from start to finish. Discover how to schedule people and tasks more effectively, and build support for your ideas so that you get the backing and funding you need to get started. Last, familiarize yourself with change management strategies, so that you can encourage others to overcome their reluctance to change. This site teaches you the skills you need for a happy and successful career; and this is just one of many tools and resources that you'll find here at Mind Tools.

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Rate this resource. Free Workbook Offer! It can be a fun job acting as liaison, but it can also be demanding. Sometimes it seems like software developers and engineers are speaking a completely different language! So working to make sure everyone involved with the project understands everyone else can be challenging, but it's absolutely necessary to a successful project.


Ultimately, good project management can involve knowing when to upsell or suggest feature improvements. That's different from changing the scope -- it's a way to add value at the right time in the project so that everyone benefits. If you really want to know how successful managers get through a project and come out the other side with a great product or piece of software, there are four things that are key. You'll know you've worked with a fantastic project manager when you observe these:.

The hero gets -- or takes -- credit when everything is going well or a major milestone has been met. In contrast, the project manager plays the role of trusty sidekick: Back in the shadows, quietly making sure everything turns out for the best. You see, even though the project manager is the single point of responsibility for the project, they should serve as everyone's best friend. Both clients and software development team members should feel comfortable bringing up issues with the project manager. Good project managers solve problems, not create added tension.

Wondered who said what at that meeting two weeks ago? The project manager knows or can refer to their notes and find out. Did the client really ask for that feature?

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The project manager was on the call, documenting what was discussed. What's more, a good project manager has email records to back up the decisions on important questions. This benefits both the client and the development team -- yes, it may seem repetitious to put everything in writing, but a written confirmation of what's been agreed on can save a project that is sinking into a morass of "We said we wanted that, why isn't it there?

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Once your development team has to play from a reactive position, it's too late. The client loses trust in the project team that is difficult or impossible to regain. So a top-notch project manager identifies issues and potential threats really early in the process so that any issues that do pop up can be solved more easily. To maintain their aura of proactivity, good project managers will hold daily "stand-ups," or quick meetings, where all the project team members have a chance to talk about any concerns. They'll go around and answer three important questions:.

The team benefits from knowing exactly what everyone else is doing and expects to complete. The client benefits because the project seems to run very smoothly. If there is an issue, it's communicated in advance with a plan for managing it. This helps the client build more trust in the project team instead of doubting their ability to complete a quality project.

As a relatively new methodology, Agile has grown in popularity with its change-driven approach that gives IT project teams the dynamic ability to quickly adapt to needed changes or course corrections. This doesn't mean that beginner IT project managers should adopt Agile without considering their projects' and team's needs though. It's important to consider each methodology carefully and choose the one that will help your team be most successful.

Since each project management methodology has its advantages, some IT project managers implement more of a hybrid approach with their teams, using the methodology that makes the most sense for the specific IT project being considered. To learn more about how these methodologies work, check out our post "A Beginner's Guide to Project Management Methodologies.

It depends. Individuals or small groups that only need to manage small IT project management for beginners may include spreadsheets and email. These simple tools pack a lot of power, but they lead to significant inefficiencies, miscommunications, and other problems as projects grow in size. This leaves IT project managers looking for a better solution.

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Solutions designed specifically for IT project management can simplify and enhance the efforts of IT project managers and IT teams, but you have to be careful. Many of these solutions focus primarily on managing project execution, while neglecting other important IT project management activities, such as project assessment, prioritization, planning, collaboration, and reporting. Some only support a specific project management methodology.

The complexity and cost of many project management software or solutions make them difficult to use or make available to everyone who needs them. Project management solutions should be scalable, yet not overbought or overbuilt with features and functionality that just aren't required. The best IT project management system is one that facilitates all aspects of management, supports multiple methodologies, is easy to use, and is relatively inexpensive.

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